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Are you a Missions Mobilizer? Are you looking to host an IW for your church’s Missions Tour? You fulfill an important role in your local church as you raise the awareness of engagement in missions.

Thank you for calling people to pray for, encourage and support our Alliance workers worldwide! If you need help in scheduling your missions event, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at apetersen@ncdcma.org or 952-446-9318.

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CMA Missions Emphasis Resources

Missions Mobilization

Who leads the mission ministry in your church? A pastor? A leadership team? Multiple teams? Are they organized and equipped to lead with wisdom and excellence? Your mission leaders can find a good overview of the job, practical suggestions, additional helps, a good list of resources, and space to work in David Mays' book The Mission Leadership Team available through The Missions Exchange.

The Mission Exchange

Missions Security Guidelines

In an effort to tell the story of God at work around the world, these written guidelines for churches, districts, and the National Office (N.O.) will guide us. Special care needs to be given to that communication process when the international workers (IWs) or stories are in creative-access countries (CAC). If sensitive information is accessed by those hostile to the gospel, it could mean the expulsion of Alliance workers or even their imprisonment. Adherence to these guidelines is critical. While certain circumstances will require extraordinary security we believe this baseline of written guidelines will serve to protect our workers.

Missions Security Guidelines

Missions VBS

Missions VBS Resource