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Lord, But Not Savior?

Is it possible to have Jesus as Savior, but not Lord? As a boy of nine, I responded to the message of Christ as Savior, trusting Him for the forgiveness of sins and the gift of eternal life. That assuaged... MORE

Soul Care

Christian Post carried an article about a pastor in Wisconsin who committed suicide at the age of 60. According to the article, he had suffered from anxiety, depression and insomnia for... MORE

Divine Expectation and Engagement

For many in church ministry, the Christmas season is one of hurriedly preparing for Christmas Eve services, planning for children’s programming, and hoping to have enough vigor once... MORE

Minimizing the Hype

Happy New Year! The “media buzz” and information surrounding the recent tax reform changes can make your head spin. Several sources that I respect have sent me some perspectives on what they... MORE

Getting and Keeping Great Volunteers - Part II

As mentioned in Part I, in all my years of local church ministry, the need to recruit quality volunteers seemed to be a never-ending challenge; a challenge with which most church leaders can identify... MORE

Around the District

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