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Are You a Snob?

In my reading the last few months, I’ve noticed the increasing use of terms beginning with the prefix “post—...” Here are ten that popped up after I started observing the trend... MORE

Memorized Scriptures for Use in Ministry

I took a class that required us to memorize Scriptures (see below) that could be used when praying with others. There is a gentle authority from the Lord that comes when His Word is, spontaneously, an integral part of our prayer lives. I have been working on the Psalms lately... MORE

Reading the Fine Print

“You don't actually read all that legalese-gobbledygook-mumbo-jumbo-teeny-tiny-premature-use-of-reading-glasses fine print, do you?” This first paragraph from ABC News’ article entitled “Savvy Consumer: Read Your Contract’s Fine Print” dated August 18, 2006, catches our... MORE

The Secret Sauce

A marketing guru sent me an email alerting me of the dangers of “the secret sauce.” He warned that every company thinks it has a secret ingredient that makes it special, unique. When, in fact, any secret you might have is already known by your competitors. I deleted... MORE

Around the District

Here are a few things you will find in this section: Annual Report deadline... NEXT 2015… District & Prayer Conference... Alliance General Council 2015… Training Resources for Today’s Volunteers... Big Sandy Camp & Retreat Center News… Relational Wisdom 360 Training… Bible Quizzing Tournament... MORE

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