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Who wrote the following? “The Christian way of holiness is not that we struggle to live like Jesus, but that he by his Spirit comes to live in us. The secret is not “imitation” (Christians imitating Christ’s life) so much as it is “reproduction” (Christ reproducing his life through us)... MORE

Lead the Church and Follow Christ

The National Review carried an article about Pastor David Wilkerson. He died in a car accident some time ago at the age of 79. The author of the article wrote about passing Times Square Church on 51st and Broadway. She was from the south and being in New York City... MORE

Are You Planning Ahead?

I have been reminded about the importance of “planning ahead” as this relates to making good decisions for our futures. The reminders are both from past years and from the past couple of months. The past years relate to the deaths of my parents and working... MORE

Am I Relevant?

For two years I’ve been mulling over this question: Has our expression [cultural and economical] of Christianity subtly diminished the powerful Gospel? I’ve misplaced the author of the quote, but the haunting effect of the question has stayed with me... MORE

Around the District

Here are a few things you will find in this section: Congratulations... 2016 District & Prayer Conference... Special Activities at District & Prayer Conference... Church Health Initiative... Crown Jewels... Big Sandy Camp & Retreat Center... Silent Benevolent Warriors... Connecting Kids with Alliance Missions... MORE

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