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Congratulations to Steve and Jean McGarvey of Cloquet, MN who will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary June 8, 2014. Steve is the pastor of The Rock Worship Center in Cloquet, MN.


Family Camps

Family Camps are held every year over the Fourth of July and Labor Day holiday weekends. Come join the "family" as we spend time together relaxing, playing and enjoying the north woods. We have room for tents, hook-ups for campers and lots of lodge space. Enjoy the camp meals and eat "Family Style" or eat on your own.

Tom Lundeen, senior pastor at Riverside Church in Monticello, MN will be at camp July 3-6, 2014. John Stumbo, C&MA President, will be at camp August 29-September 1, 2014. Be sure to register early!

Great Commission Sunday

Your gift to the Great Commission Sunday offering will help ensure that  40 new team members minister in spiritually dark locations throughout the world—most of them to countries that can’t be named for security reasons. Be sure to set a date for Great Commission Sunday at your church! Videos, PowerPoints, posters and other promotional materials are available on the Alliance website.

Faith Community Covenant For Churches

This legal document was shared at our District & Prayer Conference in May. You can now access the form and fill in the various fields on our secure login portion of the District website. If you have any questions, please give our office a call at 952-446-9318.


Big Sandy Camp News

How can a camp director get R-E-S-T out of C-A-M-P?  They have no letters in common, perhaps for good reason... but we’ll give it a shot.

  • Send your kids to camp. REST assured, God will provide those funds.
  • The REST of the kids want your campers here.
  • Put them on the bus or drop them off, we’ll handle all the REST.
  • REST easy, well take good care of your camper.

And perhaps the all-time favorite:

  • Mom can REST while the kids are at CAMP.

Summer, Burnout, and Crown College

Recent studies show that some persons are more prone to burnout than others. Since the first studies on burnout were conducted in 1981, it is generally known that the work environment clearly contributes to burnout. Burnout is also more prevalent in the helping professions (nursing, teaching, counseling, pastoring, etc.) than in others... MORE

Silent Benevolent Warrior

Last month the North Central District of the C&MA celebrated its 100th Annual Conference. Wow! As we have grown we have shrunk. Instead of the region expanding from Wisconsin to the west coast we now are just Minnesota and the eastern Dakotas. But the goal of fulfilling the Great Commission has always been at the heart of what we do... MORE

The Church and the Aging Population

The importance of not overlooking the needs of an aging American population was recently addressed by Ward Tanneberg, former pastor, author and current Director of the Christian Association Serving Adult Ministries Network... MORE

Think You Know Marriage?

Pastor, we have all heard the dark and gloomy statistics about marriages in America. Things like "50% of all marriages end in divorce," and "the divorce rate in the church is the same as in society." Are these assertions actually true? Read the linked article written by a Harvard-trained researcher before you quote (misquote) those numbers again. Get the true picture. It may change your outlook and the message you preach about marriage.

FREE Metal Folding Chairs!

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