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The Power of Weakness

With apologies to the female readers, I begin this month with an admittedly male-biased reference: men want to be seen as strong, competent, in charge, and able to handle life. I don’t know any man who wants to be seen as weak, incompetent, controlled... MORE

Keeping In Step With The Holy Spirit

Once while delivering Meals on Wheels I got to talking with a client. This family with seven adult children was going through some turmoil. One family member had been recently arrested. Another was experiencing marital difficulty. The client, while self-described as... MORE

Seek Periodic Technological Solitude

In light of our focus as a district staff on the topic of “Rest” in this month’s newsletter articles — here is an excerpt from Dr. Richard Swenson’s book, In Search of Balance, Navpress, 2010, pp. 166-168. “The Finns have a tradition of seclusion. It happens in a small cottage... MORE

I Am Leaving

Many church planters and pastors have thought it... a few have even said, “I’m leaving!” Most don’t have a clear “exit strategy” that equally benefits them (and their families) and the local fellowship (nor any plan at all). Overarching all of this, is the necessity of a God-honoring... MORE

Around the District

Here are a few things you will find in this section: Thank You... Congratulations... Great Commission Sunday... Resonate 2016... Rest & Renewal... Reasons Why “Discipleship” Died... Big Sandy Camp... Crown Jewels... Silent Benevolent Warriors... Condolences... MORE

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