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Finishing What You Start

Several times I’ve begun a sermon with this question: “Are there any projects around your house that got started but were never finished”? It’s been fun to watch the reaction each time: more than a few... MORE

Making the Most of Every Opportunity

In his biography of Samuel Logan Brengle, Clarence Hall provides insights helpful to us all. Brengle served the Lord for over 40 years as a leader, evangelist and revival speaker. Those who worked closely with... MORE

Pentecost Sunday

I grew up with little understanding of what a liturgical calendar was or why it might be important. Christmas and Easter with a hint of Advent and maybe some Lent mixed in was all I ever knew. This year... MORE

Encouraging Estate Planning in Your Church

The focus of the June edition of the Church Finance Today newsletter is “Encouraging Estate Planning in Your Church.” My heart leaped with joy to read the information they shared, which reminded me of... MORE

What is Discipleship?

A long-time friend and coworker in children’s ministry, Mark Steiner, offers a solid point of reference on what discipleship truly means. Mark states that “discipleship is a dynamic training process... MORE

Envision TwinCities Update

2018 Summer Missions Trips and Work Groups — June 9-15: First Baptist Youth Group, Harlingen, Texas — This group will do landscaping for Zion Evangelical Fellowship and at the Envision Office... MORE

Around the District

Here are a few things you will find in this section: Great Commission Day... Global Link Liaison... Crown College Update... Children’s Volunteer Leader’s Reminder... Global Leadership Summit... Great Commission Day... Retirement and New Facilities... Comings & Goings... MORE

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