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Who is the First Missionary?

Would you say the Apostle Paul in Acts 13? Or, maybe Peter in Acts 10? This is kind of a trick question, so let’s look at it from another angle. Have you ever realized that after the day of Pentecost, described in Acts 2, Luke never mentions the Great Commission? And throughout... MORE

Twenty One Reasons

In his book, Missionary Messages, A.B. Simpson writes about seven reasons people give for not supporting overseas missions, seven real reasons for that neglect and seven reasons why overseas missions should be priority. That makes twenty one considerations... MORE

Mission: Defined

I had to chuckle whenever I looked up the definition of mission on the website – http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/mission. There I found this note under the “full definition of mission” — obsolete: the act or an instance of sending... MORE

Why Do You...?

Sue makes great cinnamon rolls. She also makes killer pies. One of the reasons I like to run … is so I can indulge eating my wife’s great cooking! We’ve been married for 34 years, and I’ve been running off cinnamon rolls for more than 20 years! I also like to run for the beauty... MORE

Around the District Overview

Here are a few things you will find in this section: The College of Prayer... DiscipleLand Curriculum... Crown College... Big Sandy Camp... Silent Benevolent Warrior... Bible Quizzing... Comings & Goings... MORE

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