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Surviving the Dog Days of Summer Ministry

I used to assume the “dog days of summer” were when the weather turned so hot and humid that even the dogs laid around panting to keep cool. In fact, the ancient Greeks coined the phrase after the first appearance in the night sky of the “dog star” Sirius, which... MORE

Faith in the Midst of What We See and Feel

Christianity Today International carried a story about football coach Pepper Rodgers. He had led The University of Kansas to a share of The Big East title in 1968. He later moved to UCLA where they were more familiar with a passing style offense. At Kansas, they... MORE

Living Through a Church Renovation

In an article by Daniel Hilty. Daniel points out the following: (a) Large-scale facility renovation requires a congregation to tolerate a tremendous amount of change and disruption. (b) It’s critical to share information, listen to concerns, and acknowledge grief and loss... MORE

Prepare The Way!

The story is well known to most Christians - the story of John the Baptizer announcing the presence, and beginning to the public ministry phase of Jesus Christ. John quotes Isaiah 40 to outline his role in “preparing a way” in spite of quaking mountains and mud-slide valleys... MORE

Around the District

Here are a few things you will find in this section: President’s Forum & Lunch... Alliance Peacemaking Training... Reasons Why “Discipleship" Died... Big Sandy Camp... Crown Jewels... Silent Benevolent Warriors... Congratulations... Comings & Goings... MORE

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