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Satan is a Goner

Mountains of reading material come to my office—ads, catalogs, books, magazines, not to mention an even larger volume of email and digital resources. Frankly, I can’t and don’t read it all. Like you I filter out the junk and try to focus on the necessary and useful. The rest... MORE


While waiting to pay a restaurant check, I heard a woman apologize to her guests because her husband was “not very sociable.”  He was already sitting out in the car—by himself!  Not all of us are tolerant of small talk but the best part of our emotional intelligence will prompt... MORE

Money Outsourcing

IThis past summer and several times over the past year callers to the North Central District Office have asked two related questions of us – what is considered a contribution to a church, and can a church send money to a foreign country? The following is information... MORE

Where do you…?

We make choices everyday. Where to shop. Where to buy gas. Where to relocate… How do you decide where to…? When we moved to Waconia our personal choices were different than the factors involved in our transition to Brazil. Context, culture, calling, family, finances, chain... MORE

Around the District Overview

Here are a few things you will find in this section: Evangelism Is Relationships… The College of Prayer… District Worship Leaders Meeting… Transforming Churches To Transform Communities… 2015 Pastor’s Institute… Teaching Children About Missions… Students Back at Crown College… Engage Twin Cities… Dexcom Summary… Praying Scripture for Children… On-Target Archery Ministry… Comings & Goings... MORE

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