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Abusing Amazing Grace

Grace is amazing! So amazing that carefully crafted creeds fall short of its essence. Explaining grace is like putting the ocean in a bottle or painting the sky on a canvas. Nothing humans say, sing, feel, or picture... MORE

To Faithful Pastors in Forgotten Places

Stephen Witmer, a pastor and professor from New England, wrote a letter to small-town pastors. He serves in a small town himself and types the bulletin, does pest control in the church building, performs... MORE

The Work of The People

September 4th is Labor Day, the day in our history where we celebrate the worker. In the late 1800s the work conditions in New York City were atrocious, with even small children working long days in... MORE

Social Media Tips

Check out the article from the Alliance NW’s newsletter in August 2017 for some Social Media tips for church leaders! If you have questions, please let us know... MORE

Meaningful Quotes from Kids

Interested in getting kids involved in God’s Word and with their Christian peers? Check out the following quotes directly from kids: “Bible Quizzing honed my study skills, gave me a Christ-centered support... MORE

Around the District

Here are a few things you will find in this section: Alliance Legal Briefing... College of Prayer... Dream Incentive Grant 2017... Search Committee... Global Link Liaison... Big Sandy Camp & Conference Center... Crown College Update... Calendar of Upcoming Events... 2017 Fall Missions Tour Schedule... Building Projects Around the District... CAMA Update: Hurricane Harvey Flood Relief... Comings & Goings... MORE

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