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Remember The Persecuted

Suffering is not a significant component of American Christian theology. At best, we make allowances for personal suffering due to illness, inner struggles, family rejection, abuse, or poverty. But the possibility of overt suffering, as a follower of Jesus is largely unaccounted for... MORE

The Happiness of Pursuit

The U.S. Declaration of Independence uses the phrase “the pursuit of happiness” in its second sentence. Recently, an author was interviewed on a TV news show. His appearance was to promote a new book, The Happiness of Pursuit. His research indicated that the happiest... MORE

2015 Rates and Salaries

Two items of interest this month can be found via the link below. The first is an announcement from the Alliance Benefits Office regarding the 2015 rates. The second is the results from a pastor’s salary survey done in the summer of 2014 of our North Central District churches... MORE

How do you…?

How do you unwind, or de-stress, after a busy season of work, or emotionally heavy interpersonal contact, etc? Recently, I’ve been interacting with different people, Christian and not-yet-believers, from a variety of backgrounds. One of the discussion points has... MORE

Around the District Overview

Here are a few things you will find in this section: What’s New?... The College of Prayer… Transforming Churches to Transform Communities… 2015 Pastors’ Institute... Big Sandy Camp... Silent Benevolent Warrior... Crown College... Valuing Volunteers... Comings & Goings... MORE

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