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Beliefs We Hold

John Stumbo, on his recent tour of the North Central District, passionately explained three reasons for the existence of the C&MA. Very simply, the RFE is: beliefs we hold... MORE

What We Lost in the Fire We Found in the Ashes

A pastor on the West Coast wrote about watching the news on TV one night. There was a report about a bank robbery. It turned out that the robber was a member of the church who was secretly... MORE

Ordering Multiple Adjectives

Have you ever wondered whether your adjectives are in their proper order? I am teaching an online course this fall which requires students to submit weekly papers. I had a student share the... MORE

1/168 - It’s Not Enough!

Some time ago I received a tee-shirt containing a frontal screened imprint showing 14 rows of 12 shadowed church images with the exception of one image in one row standing out in white. At the bottom... MORE

Around the District

Here are a few things you will find in this section: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality... Children’s Ministry Training Workshop... College of Prayer... Pastors to Prisoners... Crown Jewels... Great Commission Giving... MORE

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