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Getting Unstuck

VW Bugs were not designed for snow. I learned this life lesson during a once-every-ten-years snow event in Georgia. Small narrow tires, rear wheel drive and very little overall weight are always a poor combination when contending with snow. I’ll spare you the intricate details... MORE


Last month in this space I shared that one of the most crucial words that will guide us into the future to meet our goal of 30-50 new Kingdom environments in the next 10 years is discernment. We must listen to the Holy Spirit and be directed by the Holy Spirit in all of our... MORE

Connecting with People through Your “OOO”

I am learning more acronyms these days. The latest are “Idk”, translated “I don’t know” and “OOO” translated “Out of Office” (as this relates to a message via email autoresponder). Michelle Gielan wrote an article in “Harvard Business Review” (HBR) in August. HBR sent out a... MORE

Around the District

Here are a few things you will find in this section: EnvisionTwin Cities Update... Crown College Newsletter... College of Prayer... General Council 2019 and Life 2019... Alliance EquippingU... Veterans Day... Chaplains’ News... Seek God for the City... 2018 Alliance Year-End Offering... Comings & Goings... MORE

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