Church Multiplication

Identifying Emerging Leaders

by Kyle Magstadt, Director for Church Multiplication

I don’t need to tell you the statistics because I imagine that you have already experienced it. A young person grows up in your church, accepts Christ, goes through youth group, and then, at some point, maybe when they go off to college, or maybe when they are a young adult, they aren’t coming around anymore. Their lifestyle doesn’t seem to include following Jesus anymore. Parents are grieving, youth pastors are asking what they could have done better, and senior pastors are looking at the church as a whole wondering to see if there is some way to change the church in order to better retain young people

On January 22-24, we will gather at Big Sandy Camp for our Pastors’ Institute. This year our topic is “Engaging the Next Generations With the Gospel”. My sincere hope is that, through in-depth teaching and discussion led by Ken Castor and Bill Kuhn, we all might receive a fresh perspective on what a church that is engaging the next generations with the Gospel will look like. We all know the pain of seeing young people walk away from the faith, so let us gather together to share our stories, learn from one another, and walk away refreshed and renewed to re-engage the next generations.

From my perspective, one of the key needs of the church today is to find leaders for the next generation. We must continue to empower young leaders who will inspire new initiatives that will navigate how the church will thrive even amidst the complexities of this age. To that end, the Central Region of the C&MA (of which we are a part) has put together a short “Emerging Leader Identifier” checklist. As you find the young adults who meet these qualifications, please let me know, as I would love to talk with them and encourage them in ministry.

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