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Annual Requirements

According to The Alliance Church Ministries Policy & Procedures Manual, Section C8, a minimum of 24 contact hours must be completed each year. Any contact hours in excess of the 24 hour minimum are not carried into the next year. Bi-vocational workers will be given special consideration.


The Continuing Education Committee can serve two vital needs of the pastors and official workers in our District:

Peer Support involves spending time with ministry peers, visiting one another, and praying for each other. Sometimes individuals in ministry need someone from outside their church to talk to and pray with about matters that are important to them personally.

Professional Growth is about enhancing ministry skills. Pastoral leaders are expected to lead, counsel, preach, and teach. They are required to be administrators, have interpersonal relationahip skills, and have a working knowledge of technology. There are always things to learn that can help us to be more effective in our service for God and His church.


The objectives are accomplished in several ways:

Area meetings are available to all pastors and church staff. At these meetings, there is an opportunity for peer support and professional growth.

A bi-annual conference for pastors is an educational opportunity that comes with lots of free time to spend with fellow ministers.

A bi-annual conference for pastors and their wives is a training opportunity with ample time for relationship building. Singles are welcome to attend this event as well.




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